Bringing Harmony, Beauty & Truth to the World


Some friends of mine recently started a very inspiring initiative known as Concordia TV. The TV channel debuted on May 16th with an excellent documentary made by Denmark’s Sandhesseminar Productions (Truth Seminar) called “Natha –  Turning Black into White and White into Black: an Investigation of a Truth Activist”. This documentary is brilliant and should be seen by all who are genuinely interested in finding out the truth about what is going on in this world “behind the scenes”, especially in relation to authentic spiritual movements.

The documentary is investigating an important case that is currently in the Scandinavian media and is showing the side of the story that the media does not want you to see.

“Natha – Turning Black into White and White into Black” is in 4 parts and is now available online in its entirety. Here is the first part:

Tune into Concordia TV as it brings to the world the latest news and information from the often ignored but fundamental human perspectives of love, beauty and harmony, exploring the universes of yoga, tantra, meditation, authentic spirituality, astrology, esoteric arts, ancient treasures of humanity, vegetarianism, and much more!



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