Prophetic Words or Predictable Behaviour?

In Denmark today an article appeared in BT newspaper about Natha Yogacenter. Here you can read it.

It is not the first time such a thing has happened, but now it seems the situation is taking a different direction as the article shows both sides of the story.

Due to a complaint by one of the teachers from Natha Yogacenter about the usage of certain terms, the article was later corrected with this follow up. It is the first time such a correction has been made to an article about Natha Yogacenter, even though it has been requested on previous occasions.

This article by BT is the result of the recent announcement by Danish television station TV2 that next Thursday they will air a program about Natha Yogacenter. Preempting the broadcasting of this show an article entitled “An Incoming Media Case?” was posted by Mihai Stoian (Advaita) on his blog in February this year.

Unfortunately I cannot link you to this article as there is a cyber-attack currently taking place which has brought down the blog of Mihai Stoian as well as the websites of Natha Yogacenter, Tantra Festival, and Paradise Retreat Center. This attack on these sites is unprecedented and the magnitude of it might indicate that some feathers have been ruffled..

This article by Mihai Stoian contains some elements which are now starting to be revealed as the story unfolds. Is it a case of prophecy or are the media just extremely predictable for those who care to look closely enough? Could it be that the controversy that was born around such an article underlines some sides of this show which bring its professionalism to question?

Fortunately this article had been posted also on other sites. Here you can read it.

On the same subject, and perhaps not by coincidence, in Finland a TV program about the school was aired tonight, the premise of which, I have heard, was identical with the Bubber/Natha story (the journalists refusals to meet minimum requirements of legal cooperation and the presenting of a one-sided story). Once I’ve had the chance to see it I will let you know more about it.

Will keep you posted as more news arrives.



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