Spring Equinox: A New Beginning

It’s time for a fresh start, in my life and on this blog, and what better moment for this than the astronomical beginning of the new year – the Spring Equinox!

Occurring this year on 20th March, at precisely 12:05 pm, my friends and I celebrated, in unison with many people from the yoga school, with a special meditation from 11:00 am to 12:50 pm to mark this decisive moment of beginning. It was a meditation of empowering the energies of the new year, in which all our beneficial aspirations, goals and aims are charged with the very important occult energy of beginning.

The meditation was strong and I could feel the powerful impulse of the beginning of something new, and the great potential and limitless possibilities which exists within this. For me, beginnings are very close to my heart. Being born under the astrological sign of Aries I can relate very much to the power of the energy of the beginning and the great impetus that comes with it.

This occult moment of the Spring Equinox of 2013 is a moment for transformation. It is a chance for us to be reborn like the phoenix bird rising from the ashes. It also represents a peak moment of purification, and is a good time to practice techniques of purification, particularly of the physical body. This moment also offers us the help to transcend our limitations, to be able to go beyond our weaknesses and to eliminate all mistakes. It aids us to be able to go forward on the spiritual path, leading us to the ecstatic union with the Supreme Consciousness.

..And how did this fortuitous spring actually begin in Denmark? Well, two days ago I joyfully discovered flowers in the garden. Truly believing that spring had arrived (as surely nature knows best) I abandoned all wintry misgivings and surrendered into the unpredictable arms of the new…only to wake up to this:


A very Scandinavian first day of Spring

Puzzled, I took a tour of the grounds of the wonderful new place I live in – Paradise Retreat Centre, but more about that to come later…

Only to discover that our fishpond had now become this:


Somewhere there is our little fishpond. Fortunately we did not add the fish yet.

And the place where we had just been enjoying our midday meal, basking in the glorious spring sunshine, now looked like this:


Outdoor dining Danish style

Indeed we had been invaded overnight by a stealth-like intruder, which entered without sound and caught us all by great surprise. Some are over the moon, others are still recovering.


Enjoying spring as we usually know it

Don’t get me wrong, I do love snow and the gentle blanket of purity it lays upon the world, but I simply can’t wait to kick off my boots and heavy jacket and slide back into a pair of denim cut-offs and thongs (Australian for flip flops, not to be confused with something else..), and to start synthesising vitamin D naturally again! Still, perhaps there is a lesson even in this atypical moment of the turning of the seasons, the greatest lesson to be learned by all those born with the sun in Aries – patience!

Happy New Year!


1 thought on “Spring Equinox: A New Beginning

  1. one of my favorite sayings “kindness is like snow – it beautifies everything it covers” certainly looses its charm in Spring :)))
    But the sunshine of the Herculane is already sooooo in the air – get your thongs ready 😉

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